A quick dental help can be really “life saving”

Waking up in the middle of the night to dental pain, is the least that we want. Usually the central nervous system deactivates the pain receptors, so we only wake up to dental pain, when it is really urgent to seek for help. Most of us remember throat pain for example, which as soon as we fell asleep is gone, and once we wake up is back. It is also quite usual to heal ourselves while asleep. The body has a tremendous capability of self-healing, we just have to let it act on its own. Well, of course that is not true for dental pains.


dental crowns

The body can’t self-heal the teeth, it is something that once went wrong needs to be removed. Of course not certainly the whole teeth, but at least the problematic parts, and filled in with something, so decay can’t attack the tooth again. Invisible fillings are the now common solution for decay. If we need that in the middle of the night we should call an emergency dentist in London. We have many good choices of walk-in dentists, or urgent dentists around the centre of the city.

The best ones are even open in the nights, and on the weekends. Please always seek for an appointment, because just by walking in we have less chance to get a quick treatment. It may happen that at the first treatment we get only antibiotics, and after the inflammation is gone, we can seek for the real treatment itself.